Like trade shingles since the 1400s, the best logos instantly communicate the type of service a business is offering in a visual way.

With that in mind, I surveyed the marketing and graphics of other thermal drone companies and I must say it wasn't too impressive. Most come across as shoestring operations and their websites and branding don't exactly inspire confidence--even though I'm sure that many are perfectly fine companies.

The companies that seem most professional are well-established inspection companies that have added drone inspections as a recent addition to their larger offerings. While they seem more "professional" the branding is still extremely weak and their sites boring.

Interlocking "A"s


Using the DJI Matrice 210 as the inspiration for a simplified abstract logo, I integrated the initials for Advanced Aerial Inspections into the body of the drone by grouping interlocking the As and a slanted "I." The look for his logo is something that I call "fresh corporate." This look exudes contemporary and "new" while still inspiring the confidence that a well funded and properly capitalized business does.

Later, however, I decided that this logo was still missing something. While it included a drone image with your initials, it still didn't graphically communicate the concept of "inspect" so I replaced the bottom angle of the interlocking "A" graphic with a camera:

While making the interlocking "A" slightly less obvious, I think that graphically including the main thing you'll be doing was of paramount importance. This is the final version of the proposed logo.



The color of the proposed logo is red. Not a bright red, a deep red:



Universally, your competitors either have no mottos or weak mottos. I like mottos to express a "big picture" because these communicate the large vision of the company which, in turn, engenders trust. I've come up with a million-dollar motto that is not being used by anyone (very unusual, because no matter how great your idea is, usually somebody else has thought of it). In fact, it's open for trademarking, which you can do for $69. It's a play on the 1,500-year-old phrase "Scientia potentia est" or " Knowlege is power."

Vision is power.

The agility of your drones and the thermal vision are collecting and giving the knowledge your customers need to properly maintain their power equipment. So the knowledge you're giving is power, and the corrective action they take to the problems you highlight means more power in the literal sense. This motto works inside and out, backward and forwards. In short it simple, totally unique, and expresses your service in a big way.

Business Cards


Again, the goal is to look established and trustworthy. I recommend a two-sided card on triple-layered trifecta paper with a red edge ($49 for 500ct, $63 for 1,000ct). I'm showing two alternatives for the back. While one has your motto and the company color, the other has an image the more directly illustrates what you do.


Back v.1

Back v. 2

Look of printed cards.

Detail of business card edge.


I propose a one-page website the can be navigated both by scrolling and anchored links from a menu at the top. A photo and motion-rich site that instantly communicates who you are and what you do with short paragraphs and graphics. A "high-end" site that exudes credibility and makes the potential customer comfortable hiring you. Along with this, I would recommend a disciplined branding program. This means that your pilots wear embroidered polos in your branded color, your truck has a logo magnet on the door, your hardhat is likewise branded (you'll see samples on the site).

Of course, this will need to be edited. It may need more technical explanations for what your inspections capture, your drone certifications (if you think that would help), etc. I have a photo of a random man that will need to be replaced with one of you, the social media links on the bottom go nowhere, but you'll get the idea...