A.B. Biller branding



Visual identity applied

The brand identity applied to a various materials. Every element boldly working

in concert with the next giving A.B. Biller a distinctive and unmistakable "look"

and personality.


Comments on some of the elements below:

  1. In-store banners showing sponsored spearos with a handwritten and signed endorsement.

  2. Eye catching trade show booth utilizing "black and white with color gun" concept to capture the appeal of the sport without losing the focus of the product.

  3. A more dynamic and modern looking display stand that more effectively presents the brand.

  4. I have no idea what your gun boxes look like, but this shows how the brand look may be used within a packaging system.

  5. Wetsuit (perhaps provide to a sponsored spearo for an event) exemplifies an application in which the red color would not be advisable. The branding, nonetheless, remains strong.







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