A.B. Biller branding




The website will employ all of the brand's unique elements to tell the A.B. Biller story and work towards developing an "aura" around the product to elevate and separate the brand visually, factually, and emotionally  from the competition.


See sample, non-functioning site by clicking here.

Main graphic captures the beauty of the sport while still highlighting the product. Tagline/ headline sets the tone and personality.


High-quality shots focusing on the gun's differentiating features accompanied with heroic headlines to lend an epic quality to the guns. The linking pages would have more technical details and the interesting story behind them (we'll make it interesting!). Viewers will then be "experts" on the more prosaic details of A.B. Biller spearguns, this knowledge will make

them feel a connection

to the brand. 

Mythologize your father-in-law! People love to know that there is a serious German engineer behind any product that requires precision. It adds a sense of quality and value. The fact that he's still alive, still cares and the company is still in the family is a huge selling point. It sets you apart and is not replicable. It communicates "passion" without having to say it (more effective). Additionally, using the sketch art, I would have a page about the gun making process, ("This is Sally, she's been varnishing our guns for 25 years, so you know she's good at what she does!") This will highlight that the gun is U.S. made and help emotionally bond the spearo to the product (they'll feel as if they know

who made their gun).






Reflect gun owners passion

for the product. A section

like this could highlight either sponsored spearos or the customer letters you receive.  This section would skew

young for obvious reasons (unless you have an exceptionally unique

older character).


See sample,


site by clicking here.

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