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Version L

Latest changes requested 8-14-15

Version G

Changed color of "SMOKY BARREL" and made flavor descriptor a handwritten font.

Version H

Same as "G" but with handwritten descriptor in red color that matches JB seal.

Version I

Same as "H" but with product name lighter for increased contrast.

Version J

Label sans parchment texture. NOTE: 2nd "BOLD 'N' SPICY" version with "GMO FREE" integrated into "ALL NATURAL" claim.

Version K

Same as “J” version, but with handwritten descriptor a light tan color in place of red.

Version A

Color variety field with flavor descriptor. “GMO FREE” on Bold ‘n’ spicy noticeable but not clashing.

Version B

Color flavor field embedded with related imagery: flame, smoke, blue barn planks and maple tree bark. In these examples the imagry gives a subtle impression but could be pushed to be more obvious.

Version C

No background field, colors are in flavor names for visual differentiation.

Version D

Same as “C" version, but with flavor descriptor moved down to make room for woodcuts that capture spirit of flavor.

Version E

Same as “D” version, but with all flavor descriptors the same color as the original bottle.

Version F

Same as “C” version, but with all flavor descriptors the same color as the original bottle. This label design is closest to the original now being distributed. However this so not recommended as the lack of visual variation between flavors would be to the brand’s disadvantage.

"GMO FREE" Variations

"GMO FREE" at this point is up to the label designer. There is not a prominent "must have" verified seal as there is with KOSHER. The Non GMO Project click here is trying to be that organization but their seal is so intrusive I wouldn't want to use it. Click above to see various solutions I've devised.