Two different tag lines.

Logo with the "K" and flourishes as provided.

Logo with the monogram reduced to increase prominence of "Kingsway"

Logo with the monogram and flourishes reduced even further.

3 logo variations side-by-side for easy comparison. You can see how reducing the relative size of the monogram makes your name more prominent. The version in the middle or the right both work well. While I don't dislike the original version on the left I think it's more appropriate for "up close" branding, like a fine perfume or spirit.

Signs showing the original logo and  the version with the smallest monogram. Especially for signage, the version on the right  is superior for branding. "Kingsway" is more readable and doesn't get dominated by the flourishes of the monogram while having a more integrated look and still projecting "luxury". 

Alternate design I came across on the internet.

"Medium-sized" monogram version with complimenting sans-serif tagline font for enhanced legibility.