Country Financial Auto Claim #201-162-4094

Below is a photographic survey of the work done on my daughter's new Jeep Renegade. I made the first payment on this car just last week. This car was damaged by a driver insured by Country Financial. The claim number is: #201-162-4094.


Ed-N-Sons Autobody of Glendale Heights claims that this is a good repair, but the photos below will show why I disagree. This was purchased on December 10, 2018, and we were assured that it would look as good as new.


My usual body shop is a Country Financial-certified shop called Service King in Lombard. Unfortunately, they were too busy to take the car in a timely manner for this job. Cuitlahuac Velazques (known as "Bird") agrees that this repair is not acceptable--the sheet metal on the fender is not right which, in turn, is causing the other fit issues. He says this puts him in an awkward position as there seems to be an "unwritten code" among shops not to criticize the work of others. Additionally, he wants to maintain a good relationship with Country's adjuster, but he says that the problems are obvious. Lastly, Bird informed me  that none of the issues can be addressed properly until the underlying problem is fixed.


Bird reviewed at Ed-N-Sons sheet and told me that additional steps should have been taken for a satisfactory repair. Bird said that he would be happy to discuss his expert opinion with anybody who wishes to call him at 630-932-1665 or email him at


Finally, I feel compelled to let you know that this has been more than a simple inconvenience. My daughter attends a college five hours away, and this new car was a Christmas gift to her in part as a celebration of her new job. She has returned to her rural campus without her critically needed transportation. She now has to beg for rides, take Ubers, and, when none are available, walk to work in inclement weather. It is not a reasonable walk.


The images on the left are the undamaged side, the images on the right show the damaged and repaired areas.