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General Information

The SPE Foundation offers numerous scholarships to students who have demonstrated or expressed an interest in the plastics industry.  They must be majoring in or taking courses that would be beneficial to a career in the plastics industry.  This would include, but is not limited to, plastics engineering, polymer science, chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and industrial engineering.  All applicants must be in good standing with their colleges. 







How to Apply

Applicants must complete an application and submit it to The SPE Foundation by April 1, 2018. The application submitted must include:

  1. A completed application form.

  2. Three recommendation letters: two from teachers or school officials and one from an employer or non-relative, all of whom know you well. The Extrusion Division/Lew Erwin, ACCE and Jackie Rehkopf Scholarship applications require that one recommendation letter must be from the Faculty Advisor associated with the Senior, MS, or Ph.D. project.

  3. A high school and / or college transcript for the past two years. If you are unable to attach the transcripts to the application, they can be emailed to or mailed to the address that can be found at the end of the application.

  4. A list of current and past school activities and community activities and honors.

  5. A listing of your employment history, starting with your most recent job where your involvement was in plastics / polymers. Describe that activity.

  6. All applicants are eligible for Foundation General Scholarships, and must submit a one or two page essay telling why you are applying for the scholarship, your qualifications, and your educational and career goals in the plastics industry. Additional essays may be required for individual scholarships.

  7. Fields marked with a red "*" are required and cannot be left blank.

  8. The preferred format for attached documents is PDF, but DOC and DOCX formats are also acceptable.

Complete details on Foundation General Scholarships are available from The SPE Foundation. Call +1 203.740.5457 or email