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Fairhaven building branding


Fairhaven Art.jpg

Public Sculpture

Art needs maintenance (paint chipping and pealing) perhaps color can be changed to connect it with Fairhaven. If this considered a "real" work of art I would recommend that it remain red (an artist or his family could make it an issue and generate negative publicity for Fairhaven). If, on the other hand, this is anonymous corporate art, essentially a sign with no name attached changing the color would disrupt the visual landscape (at this point it's an ignored part of the woodwork) and be an attention grabber.


What does this sculpture mean? Since it's now essentially Fairhaven's it's for you to say. I'd call it "Returning Bounty". It represents Fairhaven being entrusted with a person's assets (the thin part in front) reaching for excellence and returning with more (the thick part in back).











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