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Perfect for quick designs, photo and graphic touch-ups, logos, and less complicated projects, our reasonable hourly rate is ideal for those looking

to avoid large ad agency contracts with zero compromise in professionalism

or creative integrity. $250/hr




Sometimes you'll find that a flat, mutually-agreed rate is best for you. It gives you the confidence of knowing exactly what your project will cost, while ensuring that we work in a timely and efficient manner. We go out of our way to offer clients fair, flat rates that save them money.





Retainers afford you the freedom of having an on-call, in-house art department, backed by high-level creative expertise which, as you know, can be costly when hired on a staff or full-time basis.


This is a smart option for those seeking greater control of their total annual art and design budget, as well as those who traditionally need to go through complicated expense channels and businesses who routinely require last-minute or rush services.


To learn more about our pricing structure, or to get a quote on your next packaging or design project, give us a call at (630) 681-0967, or e-mail David directly.



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