In-stream ads are video ads which play before or during another video from a YouTube partner. After 5 seconds a user can skip your ads, but you will only pay if they watch 30 seconds or more.


You may have seen In-Stream ads when watching YouTube content – a lot of big brands use them, so they're great for building trust as users associate these types of ads with reputable brands.





These ads show at the start of YouTube content which is ten minutes or longer. These are the kind of ads where you can choose between three different ads or you may just be shown one ad. You’ll only pay for these when users actually watch the video.





In-Search ads appear when someone searches YouTube. They are placed in the top and right-hand side of the video results page. Solok would only pay for these ads when a user chooses to watch them.





In-display are different to other YouTube ad formats because they don’t strictly serve our ads on YouTube’s website. The Ads can appear beside YouTube content which is embedded on other websites which are part of the Google Display Network. Like the others, we will only pay if our ad is watched.





Who Will See Marshmallow Treat Magic's Ads?


Geographic Targeting


Location targeting allows our ads to appear in the geographic locations that we choose: countries, states, zip codes, specific cities and radius around a location (for example a 10 mile radius around each store MTM is in).



Demographic Targeting (Age / Gender)


Demographic targeting can be used in conjunction with another targeting type like keywords or topic contextual targeting. If we want to focus a particular demographic (moms), we can select this in addition to your other targeting.


Likewise, if we want to exclude particular demographic (older men?) we can block them. 



Interest Category Targeting


This is different to ‘topic’ targeting because it’s based on the interests of the user, rather than the topic of the content. Like demographic targeting, this can be used in conjunction with another targeting method, such as keywords or topics.



Topic Targeting


Topic targeting is about the subject matter of the page, rather than the interest of the user. For example, we can target all pages which are relevant to the topic of dessert making or marshmallow cereal treat ideas. It's a good way to ensure our ad is being seen by people who, at that very moment, may be interested in MTM.



Contextual Keyword Targeting


This is the traditional type of display advertising where we can specify keywords and allow Google to place your ads on all content relevant to those keywords (such as anything related to home baking or a mom looking up general back-to-school topics on YouTube). This is called Automatic Contextual Targeting.

Longer Ad


Front-Loaded Ad

Proposed Charity

Universal Salt Fortification


The Iodine Global Network (IGN) runs a cost-effective program to add iodine to a common household food: table salt. Through its universal salt fortification program, IGN continues to provide millions of people with this vital nutrient. The IGN oversees salt fortification programs in 150 countries worldwide, reaching half a billion people—including 16 million newborns each year. At roughly 5 to 20 cents per person covered, universal salt fortification programs are one of the most cost-effective ways to help secure adequate nutrition for the chronically malnourished.