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Solar Panel Inspection

Electrical Inspection

Electrical Substation Inspection 

Difficult inspections, simplified.

Infrared inspection is a nondestructive, non-contact and cost-effective way to detect and document hot spots. Advanced Aerial Inspections specializes in the challenging environments of energy generation, energy transmission, and flat roof surveys. Our high-performance Zenmuse XT2 infrared cameras and corresponding Matrice 200 Series V2 drone platform offer a broad range of temperature measurements and produce superior image quality for the most useful equipment intelligence. 


Drone technology now affords inspectors a faster, safer, and more comprehensive alternative to traditional surveys with all of their logistical challenges and limitations. Using only the latest thermal imaging technology, we identify issues and pinpoint areas that are degrading the performance of your equipment. Advanced Aerial Inspections has the equipment and know-how to help you reach maximum efficiency.

Roof Moisture Survey


1/6 the time.

1/6 the cost.

Nimble drone surveys cost far less than manual, plane, or helicopter inspections. Paradoxically, however, the quality of the inspection is much better. Drone maneuverability is unmatched by any competing method. Contact us for a custom quote.

An inspection service can have the best equipment in the world but none of that matters if you don't have the best people. Every Advanced Aerial Inspections pilot has both the passion and FAA and sUAS Level 1 Thermography Certification to deliver the most comprehensive and actionable inspections in the industry.

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