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We've been designing homes for both builders and individuals in the Clear Lake area for over 11 years. Scores of houses we've designed are now meeting the needs of builders, businesses and families.



After a comprehensive consultation, MP Home Design will couple our design talent with the power of SoftPlan to expertly translate your wants and needs into a workable plan with a precise materials list for accurate estimating. 




After bringing so many projects to a successful completion, MP Home Design understands how to translate client ideas into quality, livable, and energy efficient plans. Additionally, we have the artistic vision and expertise to assist you with the design of your interior finishes. Your style and budget are always at the forefront during the design process.







While we quote each design individually, the average cost for a full set of construction plans for a single-story home 2,400 sq ft and under is $899. This quoted price would include one round of changes just to make sure that everything is perfect. Additional changes are billed at a reasonable $35 per hour. If your house will be over 2,500 sq. Ft, we can give you a custom quote at the time of our first appointment.

Garage additions, a single room addition onto the home are $349.

More complex additions and remodels can be custom quoted at the time of the first appointment.

3-D renderings are a great way to visualize what your project will actually look like and allows you to make important decisions before construction begins. From our plans, the cost for an exterior rendering is $150 while four different 3-D views of your home's interior would be $175. Call for a quote if you would like 3-D renderings of plans you already have.

Our expert interior design service is billed at $35 per hour. If you need plans for a commercial property or multi-family dwelling, contact us for a custom quote!



MP Home Design

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